It’s not rocket science…

…but it might be a complex salad issue…


As a sustainable alternative to buying salad, there’s always an upbeat article somewhere that will tell you just to grown your own in a window box. This is what I am in fact doing. They don’t mention the sticky windows and the over-interested neighbourhood pigeon though. Nor the fact that the compost you need for the seeds will come in a large plastic bag…

Salad in the city is a tricky one. Yesterday I visited six supermarkets just to peer at the rocket leaf bags. They all say the same thing – ‘Plastic – currently not recycled.’ Sainsburys I noticed had the occasional plastic wrapper on the odd vegetable, which pointed out that it could be recycled with the plastic bags in larger stores. I was standing in a smaller store as I was reading this.

The path of the potential plastic recycler is a circuitous one.

What are my options here?

  1. Grow my own salad. Yes, fine, see above but not an immediate solution and may have some challenges all by itself.


  1. Give up salad. Seems extreme – surely an enterprising upbeat, window box grower in the city can find a way or two…?


  1. Get a vegetable box delivered, with salad in it. I’ve looked into this. I’ve been in touch twice. So far no response. But this is just life so will keep exploring that option.


  1. Put a note up at work asking if anyone has excess salad in their garden and would they like to sell me some (in a paper bag..) Might work but possible only a seasonal option and most people at work not landowners..


  1. Write to the supermarkets of my choice and ask them to change the salad packaging. That shouldn’t take too long…. This is worth doing I know but my inner cynic senses that supermarkets will be part of some complex larger machinery involving EU food laws and will not roll over like good dog. Also there’s a whole, other argument about putting leaves in a plastic bag in the first place….so worth getting clearer about what I would actually want to get behind in my consumer feedback.


  1. Go wild foraging! Not as fantastical as it sounds on one level as I can remember what Garlic Mustard looks like from my studies in Herbology but city greens at leg-cock level are going to be a bit potentially contaminated and where’s the time to make all this happen…?


  1. Prepare to change personal food habits. Oh yes, that one again – this may take some time….

I’m beginning to understand why people fail here or can’t or won’t take this into their consciousness very easily.  And why we need to be part of larger value-based networks to succeed with this. I may have to change in more ways than one!

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