So eight hours on the train coming up. Plastic pitfalls waiting aplenty…

So here’s the kit…

  1. Sandwich, large. Local baked sourdough doorsteps (Wee Boulangerie.) Chopped local organic toms (New Leaf.) Hummus (Homemade.) Sprouting sprouts (Home sprouted.) Salad leaf (Window sill.) All wrapped in biodegradable tin foil from ‘If You Care’ (there’s a brand not pulling any punches..)
  2. Plastic water bottle with tap water.
  3. Recycled paper bag of organic almonds.
  4. Apple (local veg shop, not sure where it’s from as it has no plastic label on it. Hurray.)
  5. Organic dark chocolate with sea salt from ‘Seed & Bean.’
  6. Keepcup (tasteful blue number from Marine Conservation Society, incentive gift when you sign up as member…) Small glass bottle of decanted soya milk. Small glass jar with decanted honey. Neon pink plastic tea spoon that came free this morning with a muesli sample from the New Leaf. So can buy tea from the train trolley. (Shrewsbury to Aberystwyth only.)
  7. Some bits of Eco loo roll (unused) doing service as napkins..

That’s it.

I can’t see if I’ve missed anything because a whopping halo just slipped over my eyes!

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