The Great British Wet Wipe…


If you go down to the beach today, you’re in for a big surprise…..

This ghostly item is a wet wipe on Cramond beach after it’s made it out of the many sewage pipes located along this coastline. We picked up and counted about 120 of these within a 10 metre section.

This was strange and disturbing. Note the strangely disturbed look on Doug’s face. (It’s quite subtle.)

K Kuprat

I don’t have much call for them so I must have missed the moment when they became a must-use national item. And, um, how many of them must get put in the loo and clearly can’t be processed by our sewage systems because of not being designed to enter them in the first place. So something of a knee-jerk epidemic here and not what I was expecting to find amid the plastic bottles, seaweed and shells.

This isn’t a new hobby of mine – though maybe it could be – (and I didn’t do it without rubber gloves on..) It’s part of an annual national beach clean survey going on this weekend…all information gets used for lobbying purposes. (You too can pick up plastic at a beach near you if your heart desires…find the Marine Conservation Society website for more details.)

And yes, they have plastic in them…


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