Return to Sender…


Waitrose, alongside over 40 other businesses have recently signed up to a UK Plastics Pact.

Its aspiration? By 2025, all plastics will be compostable, recyclable or reused…

Sounds good except that 2025 is very far away and the agreement is voluntary…and meanwhile, the plastic mounts….

So what to do with all that single use plastic that you might accrue in the meantime?

Well, my sister suggested that (while you’re working out how to change your rubbish habits, so to speak) you might consider this….

Step 1. Save all single use plastic acquired over a month’s shop and wash it…


Step 2. Comb through it and apply helpful alternative packaging suggestions to each saved item…


Step 3. Find out where it comes from…

Step 4. Return it to where it comes from, perhaps with friendly letter on what you’d like to see on those supermarket aisles..


Step 5.   Repeat steps 1 to 4 monthly or as often as you like…

4 thoughts on “Return to Sender…

  1. Hello Karoline, I think this is a wonderful idea. I am circulating to other sane folk who are committed to the anti-plastic cause xxx


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